Is your payroll function accurate, flexible, responsive, speedy and reliable? Can its preparation be affected by staff illness, holidays or lack of resource? Our fully managed payroll function delivers on every level.

Our team makes a difference

Payroll is a business-critical function which is often time-consuming and can be problematic for management.

Our team of specialists know and understand the legal and operational demands of the payroll function. Our processes have been designed to meet all your needs using our specialist knowledge to deliver an exceptional service. 

From data entry to supplying pension provider feeds for auto enrolment, your entire payroll function can be outsourced and managed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Working with you          

We know how important is it to have an expert on hand who knows your business. You will have a dedicated HWB payroll account manager acting as your primary point of contact. 


Our team prides itself on exceeding expectations and providing an accurate payroll within 24 hours of receipt.


We understand that every client has different needs - we don’t limit you to strict deadlines and cut off dates but instead deliver our promise within your timescales.


Every business must ensure they are compliant with legislation - with auto enrolment affecting more businesses, this is more important than ever. We have a solution that takes the hassle out of auto enrolment compliance and leaves you to concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

Our payroll and auto enrolment service will deliver an accurate, efficient, flexible and tailored solution to ensure we provide real value for money.

To find out more about how we have helped our clients, please see our case studies.

For more information about our payroll and auto enrolment services, please contact James Alesbury on 023 8046 1222.


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