Probate service and Estate Planning

Traditionally, Probate Services and Estate Planning has been a complex, expensive and potentially stressful process requiring a solicitor. HWB is one of the first accountancy practices in the region to obtain a licence from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales to undertake probate work.

We offer a bespoke, cost-effective and professional probate service that sees through all aspects of estate administration for our clients. Our service is flexible so you can choose for us to assist with as much or as little as you need.

Working with you

Our team of specialists are able to offer you a 1-hour FREE consultation to discuss all aspects of probate and how we can help. Our team prides itself on the personal approach, offering a dedicated point of contact for you and overseeing your case throughout the process.

Complete Service

We can provide assistance to our clients and their families with any of the following areas of estate planning:

  • working with you or your representatives to assist with legal responsibilities
  • handling taxation issues up to the date of death
  • collecting details of the deceased’s assets and liabilities & obtaining professional valuations where required
  • completing inheritance tax (IHT) accounts and forms
  • claiming any IHT reliefs or exemptions and calculating the IHT payable
  • applying for and obtaining the grant of probate or guiding you through the process
  • dealing with capital gains and income tax liabilities of the estate
  • preparing tax returns through the administration period
  • compiling or selling the assets of the estate
  • settling any debts of the deceased and arranging IHT payments
  • identifying any potential tax savings through a variation of the Will within 2 years
  • distributing assets to beneficiaries and paying legacies
  • preparing the final estate accounts

Peace of mind

Suffering the loss of any loved one is hard enough and our service is tailored to your needs to give you peace of mind and wealth protection during the administration process.

To find out more about our Probate Service and Estate Planning advice contact Stacey Steele on 023 8046 1234.

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