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Updated COVID guidance

With restrictions being eased across the UK, each of the charity regulators have been busy updating their guidance.


In England and Wales CCEW have made clear that the temporary approach to filing extensions has been brought to an end, and that they expect all charities that were granted an extension up to 30 June 2021 to have met their filing commitments by 30 September 2021. Between those dates charities may still apply to the CCEW for a new 3 month filing extension if they are unable to meet their obligations.


Their updated guidance also addresses the holding of meetings, and the expectation that most charities will now be able to revert to holding meetings face-to-face and hold any outstanding AGMs or other meetings. Where this is still not considered appropriate, charities should review their governing documents to see if they allow meetings to be held virtually or on a hybrid basis, and if not to consider whether they are able to amend the governing documents to permit a more flexible approach. This should be done as soon as possible, as should the approval of any previous decisions made. If this is not possible charities are advised to contact CCEW who can give advice or authorise the trustees’ actions as appropriate. As always charities are advised to record their decisions and reasons why they were made as a matter of good governance.

Guidance: CCEW

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