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The Charity Commission investigates four education charities

The regulator has opened a statutory class inquiry into linked charities after finding irregularities in their accounts, leading to concerns of potential misuse of funds.

The charities that are subject of inquiry are: Education for Gondar, Education in Sidama, Education for Nyanza and Education in Western Province, Kenya.

Similarities found by the regulator’s registrations team led the Commission to first open compliance cases into each organisation as part of its proactive engagement.

The regulator inspected each charity’s annual return submissions and bank accounts, finding that two of the charities had accounts which followed a trend of receiving funds that were then immediately transferred to a private bank account.

The inquiry will assess the degree to which trustees of charities adhere to their legal obligations concerning the administration, governance, and management of their charity.

As per standard practice, the Commission typically publishes a report following the conclusion of an inquiry. This report outlines the examined issues, any implemented actions, and the outcomes of the inquiry.

Guidance: Regulator investigates four education charities over concerns of potential misuse of funds – GOV.UK (

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