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Revitalising Trusts

It may sound surprising, but a large number of charities struggle to spend their income on meeting their charitable objectives for the public benefit. Working in conjunction with the UK Community Foundations Network and the CCEW, the ‘Revitalising Trusts’ programme seeks to assist inactive or ineffective charities by helping them to identify beneficiaries and spend their income, changing the charity’s purpose and governance if necessary to enable it to work more effectively. Charities that have not spent any money in the last five years, or have spent less than 30% of its income over the past five years, may be identified by CCEW for inclusion within the programme.

Where revitalising the charity is not seen as appropriate, an alternative approach is to close the charity down and to transfer any remaining assets to another charity with similar objectives or to a local community foundation. Since its launch in 2018 the programme has revitalised £32 million of funds to help good causes, and has now secured funding to operate for another year.


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