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Retention of staff in the charity sector

Here is our list of 10 tax-free benefits that can be provided to staff outside of the better known pensions, childcare and cycle to work schemes. These can make a real difference to your team’s financial, physical and mental wellbeing.

1. Welfare counselling by an external confidential advisor – for staff to confidentially discuss and receive counselling on work, family and relationship matters.

2. Personal incidental expenses to cover miscellaneous expenses of staff when they stay away on business. The rate is £5 per night for stays in the UK and £10 per night for stays overseas.

3. Annual entertainment – Up to £150 per member of staff per year can be used to provide tax-free entertainment to the staff provided it is used on annual events such as a Christmas meal or party, summer BBQ.

4. Staff uniform clearly embroidered or permanently marked with the employer’s name/logo clothing can be provided tax-free.

5. Free or subsidised meals can be provided tax-free in the workplace.

6. Health screening and medical check-ups. One of each can be provided tax-free per year to each employee.

7. Working at home allowances. If members of staff are required to work at home on a regular basis they can be paid a tax-free round sum allowance of £4 a week to help cover the cost of doing so.

8. Staff suggestion schemes. Tax-free payments can be made to staff when they come up with good ideas that are not part of their role. £25 for a worthy idea as an encouragement, but up to £5,000 when the idea leads to real cash savings for the employer.

9. Mobile phones -these can be provided tax-free to the employee covering both business and private calls.

10. Interest free loans – An employee can be given an interest free loan of up to £10,000 from the employer and there is no taxable benefit.

For further information on retaining key staff, please contact Michaela Johns on 023 8046 1256.

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