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Resilience is the key when it comes to leadership in business

HWB’s second in-person event attracted business leaders from across the region eager to learn about resilience as workplaces move towards normality.

Sue Firth, psychologist and author specialising in how to deal with stress and managing change, captivated the audience with her top tips for navigating their way through the current situation.

The interactive session was designed to help leaders to understand how to bring their team along and to utilise managers in the most positive way.

As a starting point, she said it was important to fully understand yourself and identify your strengths.

And she explained the remedy for stress is always action.

“Be calm in pressurised situations and use support when needed,” she added.

HWB Director Michaela Johns said: “Behind every great business are the people and as we come back to some sort of normality, our people need to be our focus.

“Sue is an inspirational speaker and someone I have worked with for many years. She has been instrumental in my success.”


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