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It’s been a busy few months at CCEW. As well as the guidance that has already been commented upon elsewhere in this edition of Charity News there have also been a number of other developments in their guidance for charities that are worth noting.

First of all CCEW has developed a range of ‘5 Minute Guides’ designed to raise awareness of core trustee duties and the guidance that is available to trustees to help them discharge their responsibilities, in areas such as delivering purpose, making decisions and safeguarding. ‘Here to help’: Commission launches new push on trustee guides as sector faces challenging year

Clarification has been received on trustees’ responsibilities when setting investment policy following a recent High Court judgement. It confirms that trustees have wide discretion where appropriate to exclude certain investments based on non-financial considerations when making financial investment decisions, enabling what is often referred to as an ethical or responsible investment policy. However the judgement also confirms that trustees are under no obligation to do so and can instead adopt a policy designed to secure the best financial return. This judgement will be reflected in revised CCEW guidance on investing due to be published later this year. Update on investment guidance following Butler-Sloss case

The CCEW’s Compliance Toolkit that provides charities with information on key aspects of the UK’s counter terrorism legislation and how it can affect charities and the work they do has been updated to signpost new guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service on proscription offences and terrorist financing offences and cases involving humanitarian, development and peacebuilding work overseas. Charities and terrorism

CCEW guidance on campaigning and political activity have been updated in response to the passing of the recent Elections Act 2022. Campaigning and political activity guidance for charities (CC9)

CCEW guidance on protecting charities from abuse for extremist purposes has been updated in order to signpost to safeguarding responsibilities and relevant guidance. Protecting charities from abuse for extremist purposes

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