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New Charities’ Annual Return

In October 2023 the Charity Commission launched the new Annual Return for 2023 (AR23).

The updated return can be accessed by charities through the My Charity Commission Account service. It presents a modified series of inquiries that charities will utilise for their financial years concluding in 2023 and in subsequent years.

The Annual Return serves as the online form that charities generating yearly incomes of £10,000 or more must complete within 10 months after the conclusion of their financial reporting period. Additionally, all registered charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs) are obligated to submit this online form.

The revised set of questions aims to assist the regulator  in improving its assessment of risks within the sector and in enhancing the transparency of charities.

The updated form aims to provide greater simplicity for  charities. The Charity Commission has streamlined the language of the questions and adjusted the information required in the AR23 form based on the size and complexity of each organisation. Larger charities, especially those with staff or international operations,  will need to address a broader range of questions compared to smaller, simpler charities.

Guidance: New charities’ Annual Return now available – GOV.UK (

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