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National Apprenticeship Week

7 February to 13 February 2022 is National Apprenticeship Week. To celebrate the occasion, we thought we’d ask some of our apprentices (Joe Colverson, George Vass and Joe Hill) about their experience at HWB and if they’d recommend the process to others.

What do you like best about your apprenticeship?

Joe C: I enjoy working at the same time as learning as it means that my learning can be put into practice and make more sense.

George V: Being able to work in office alongside studying for the AAT allows me to financially support myself whilst studying as well as getting useful practical experience in my accounting role.

Can you tell me why you chose to do an apprenticeship?

Joe H: I knew I wanted to have a career in finance, and my careers advisor at college recommended I look into apprenticeships. The fact you get paid whilst studying and gaining work experience sold it for me!

George V: I chose an apprenticeship as it allowed me to study towards my professional qualifications whilst working in the practical environment. This in turn makes the studying easier as they are able to support me and the things I am learning, transfer directly into the work I am doing. If I had chosen to study for the AAT and worked somewhere other than an accountancy firm, I wouldn’t get the support or the real world experience that I get from an apprenticeship.

Joe C: I chose an apprenticeship as I wanted to start getting work experience and earning money as soon as possible and did not find university to be an appealing option for me.

So, would you recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who might be considering it?

Joe H: Yes definitely – I’ve already had over a year of accounting experience and I’m only 19, by the time I’m the same age as a graduate, I’ll have many more years of work experience.

George V: I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship. As someone who has gone to university I can clearly see the benefits of an apprenticeship scheme. It’s a much less stressful environment compared to university as you only studying for one exam at a time. There is lots of support for your study and all your colleagues understand what you are doing and are always happy to help if you ask them. You don’t need to worry about missing out on the so called ‘uni life’ as you are able to makes friends with other people on apprenticeship and enjoy your spare time with them instead.

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