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Living wage

All employers are required to pay their staff either the National Living Wage (for those aged 23 and over) or National Minimum Wage (for those of at least school leaving age). The Living Wage Foundation is a charity that campaigns for improved rates of pay for those on low wages, with accredited employers, including many charities, committed to paying their staff at pay rates of at least the ‘real Living Wage’ as determined by the Foundation.

In September the Foundation announced that, based upon independently calculated rates based on what people need to live on, the real Living Wage was now £11.95 per hour for those living in London and £10.90 per hour elsewhere in the UK, which is considerably greater than the hourly rates required to be paid by law (£9.50). This represents a 10.1% increase compared to last year. This increase is set to boost the pay of over 390,000 workers at over 11,000 employers who have signed up to the scheme.

Accredited employers are encouraged to implement the new Living Wage rate as soon as possible.


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