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Income Tax on Inherited Pension Funds

Currently, where an individual pension holder dies before age 75, drawdown pensions paid to a successor can generally be received free from income tax.

Where the pension holder dies over the age of 75, then the amounts drawn by the successor are taxed at their marginal income tax rate. Note also that the current tax rules provide that in most cases the value of the fund passes free of inheritance tax to the successor and thus forms an important part of estate planning.

Policy documents published in July 2023 include draft legislation to abolish the pension lifetime allowance and associated income tax charge.

These were previously announced as part of Budget Day measures to lure workers aged over 50 back into work and are generally welcomed.

However, the policy documents regarding changes to the taxation of pensions also included a suggestion that certain beneficiaries of pensions of members who died under age 75 may become subject to income tax as part of future tax changes, possibly from 2024/25.

This would align with the tax position for beneficiaries of pensions where the member dies over age 75.

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