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Fundraising guidance

Several areas of the Fundraising Regulator’s guidance for charities have been updated in recent months that charities should be aware of. The Fundraising Regulator regulates all fundraising in England, Wales and Northern Ireland carried out by charitable institutions.


In July guidance was issued in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising on supporting safe and responsible fundraising as COVID-19 restrictions are eased, setting out five key considerations for charities in addition to the need to continue to comply with the Code of Fundraising Practice:


  1. Keep up to date with and follow Government guidance and any continuing or new restrictions, including regional or local ones
  2. Carry out a thorough risk assessment to identify the risks associated with your fundraising activity
  3. Following the outcome of your risk assessment, identify the steps that are needed to protect the public, fundraisers and volunteers
  4. Consider the public mood and likely feelings and preferences of supporters
  5. Ensure that decisions made to carry out a fundraising activity are thoroughly considered, carefully evaluated and regularly reviewed.



The Fundraising Regulator does not operate in Scotland, but OSCR have separately issued similar

guidance on the restart of fundraising activities.




Not all of the guidance recently issued relates to the pandemic though. In June new guidance from the

Fundraising Regulator was issued that sets out the key behaviours expected of fundraisers, given that their actions and behaviours can affect trust and confidence in fundraising and the charity sector in general. Four core values are identified in the guidance that all fundraisers should adopt, namely being open and clear with the public about your process and being willing to explain them further, acting honestly and with integrity, demonstrating respect whenever there is contact with the public and operating lawfully.




The Fundraising Regulator has also issued guidance for fundraisers and the public on the use of charity bags, an important source of income for many charities and an easy way for many to clear out old items and support good causes at the same time. The guidance details the legal and regulatory requirements that need to be followed when charity bags are used and the information that should be made available to the public. It also includes lessons learned from complaints that have been received, often related to charity bags being delivered to properties that have made clear that they do not wish to receive them, and the subsequent investigations that have been held.




Lastly the Code of Fundraising Practice issued by the Fundraising Regulator has been updated, with a minor change made to more accurately reflect the legislation that underpins standard 12.6.2 on hosting a free draw for charitable fundraising purposes.



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