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Charity Financials

The key findings from the recent report from Charity Financials include:​

  • Barclays is the most popular bank used by the top 5,000 charities, closely followed by NatWest, with 20.4% and 19.98% market share respectively.
  • Charity cash values have increased by half a billion pounds since last year, from £16.2 bn to 16.7bn.
  • 55% of charity-bank relationships have lasted a decade, and 14% have lasted more than 16 years.
  • Over the past year, Santander gained the most clients and Co-operative Bank lost the most clients.
  • Lloyds saw the biggest cash growth in the past financial year, with a £292m increase, and HSBC saw the biggest decrease in its cash levels, which declined by £114m.
  • Charities Aid Foundation continues to be the biggest cash holder and the biggest borrower is International Finance Facility.

For further information on the Charity Financials Findings, please contact Michaela Johns on 023 8046 1256.

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