We have built up detailed knowledge of architects over a number of years by working with some of the leading firms in Hampshire. It is a business sector that, with the right professional advice, presents a number of opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

In recent years our clients have had to make more astute decisions and we have, in turn, provided a range of solutions to ensure they stay up to date with every aspect of their business finances.

One challenging area is valuing work in progress and long term contracts. Incorrect treatment of these can lead to reporting inaccurate profits which can ultimately hinder chances of receiving/renewing finance from lenders or increase the risk of overpaying Tax.

Architects have also been presented with a very interesting prospect with regards to possible tax breaks for businesses that undertake research and development. For example, we have successfully claimed R&D tax relief for a local firm saving them over £11,000 in tax.

We have also found that firms are keen to discuss succession planning and motivate their key staff. HWB have experience in providing firms with a business plan which considers both the needs of the firm and key individuals to help them with their career progression.

We have also provided specialist tax and VAT advice and IT solutions.

For more information on any of our services for architects, please contact Arthur Bell on 023 8046 1258.

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