Improving Efficiency and Removing Waste

Research has shown that many businesses can reduce their costs by as much as 20% yet don’t invest the time to identify how these savings can be made.

Our efficiency improvement process will enable you to tackle the waste issue head on, make savings on costs and deliver straight to your bottom line.

Working hand in hand with one of our trained facilitators we will identify areas of your business where savings can be made without reducing the performance of the business.

There are seven common causes of waste in an organisation:

  • over-production and, for the service industry, over-servicing
  • waiting – delay in action – complete things
  • transporting – the production process as well as movement of materials and products
  • inappropriate processing – the wrong people doing the right job or even the wrong people doing the wrong job!
  • unnecessary stock and work in progress
  • inefficient processes
  • defects – get it right first time

HWB-facilitated workshops with the key team assess these seven areas and identify where waste is occurring in your business.

These areas are then prioritised to achieve maximum benefit and an action plan is formulated to drive the process to its conclusion.

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