Our bulletins cover a range of subjects, including some of the services that we offer and an update of the recent changes that have, or will take place. If you would like to meet to discuss anything in the bulletin, or there is a particular story that interests you, please contact us on 023 8046 1200 or email admin@hwb-accountants.com and we will be pleased to provide further information. 


HWBulletin - Autumn 2016


HWBulletin - Spring 2016



 HWBulletin - Autumn 2015



Download HWBulletin Spring 2015HWBulletin - Spring 2015



Download HWBulletin Autumn 2014HWBulletin - Autumn 2014


Download HWBulletin Spring 2014HWBulletin - Spring 2014


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